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11.8.7 Lims-Kragma

The Goddess of Death, Lims-Kragma is a respected and feared deity throughout the known world. The singularly most misunderstood divine by the common people of the world, Lims-Kragma is considered a savior by some, and an evil entity that takes loved ones before their time by others. Her hand touches the world every second of every day, Her shadow drapes battlefields and Her eye watches down on the cities closely. She is everywhere, bringing the souls of the world to Her realm where she alone judges them on their merits.

Lims-Kragma does not have a large following of worshipers who dutifully come to Her, instead everyone at some point in their life has a need of Her Priests and their services. A father who wishes to stave off death for his sick child will come to Her temple, Soldiers on the battlefield will utter a benediction to Her after Tith-Onanka, Sailors on a sinking ship in shark infested waters will cry out Her name looking for salvation. Some will come to Her in reverence, others will come to Her in anger, however the universal truth remains, She is the final judge and jury of all our souls and all must go before Her.

The sole responsibility for judging the souls of mortals falls on Her shoulders. Regardless of your beliefs all come before her where they are given judgment. Some are sent to oblivion for their crimes in life while most are reborn and sent back to be a new soul populating the world. In the end, all must answer to Her cold unforgiving stare.

The major temples of Lims-Kragma can be found in the city of Kesh, Krondor, Roldem and Rillanon, while smaller cities have a shrine of some kind. Her temples are usually located near poorer quarters and on the outskirts of populated areas where cemeteries and Her services will not upset the local people. Her priesthood is multi-faceted, with the Head Priests wearing dark robes and temple guards in armor with sharp serrated swords to keep upset or angry patrons under control. Lims-Kragma is one of the few divine who promote her followers on potential, with younger clerics often becoming high ranking officials relatively quickly.

Lims-Kragma is known by many names, Zandros in Kesh and Khali-shi by some. She is referred to as the Drawer of Nets, She who waits, the Mistress of Death and the Judger of Souls. She is the Goddess of Death.