Lessons - Midkemia Online Online Help

4.6 Lessons


Lessons are the currency of learning in Midkemia. In order to raise or improve your skills, you must spend lessons learning them.

Gaining lessons can be done in these ways:

1) Reaching a new experience level.

Every time you gain a level, you will gain 5 lessons. You will only gain these lessons the first time you reach any level.

2) Obtaining Bound Credits and then converting them to lessons.
See HELP CREDITS for information on obtaining Bound Credits. Once you have any Bound Credits, you can type CREDITS CONVERT # TO LESSONS and you will receive 6 lessons for each Bound Credit.

3) Bonus lessons. You will be gifted with 2.5 bonus lessons for every Credit you choose to convert to a Bound Credit, for the first 1000 Credits you thus convert, totalling a possible 2500 bonus lessons. See HELP CREDITS. Clarification: you receive these bonus lessons at the time you convert Credits to Bound Credits, NOT at the time you convert Bound Credits into lessons!

4) No-Brainer Lesson Packages. You can, twice per character, buy a package of 1000 lessons from the game website. These are credited directly to the character as lessons.