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11.8 Lesser Gods

After the creation of the Greater Gods, Ishap created ninety-three other divine to further provide guidance of all the elements that made up the world of Midkemia. Though lesser than the first seven, these Gods were still beings of unimaginable power, though nearly the entire host of them fell in the Chaos Wars against the Valheru. When the carnage ceased, only twelve were known to remain. 

The Pantheon of Lesser Gods
Astalon, the Just                     |  Lims-Kragma, Drawer of Nets
Banath, the Nightwalker               |  Prandur, God of Fire
Dala, Shield of the Weak              |  Ruthia, Lady of Luck
Guis-wan, the Red-jawed Hunter        |  Silban, the Earthmother
Ka-hooli, the Howler After Fugitives  |  Sung, the White
Killian, Singer of Green Silences     |  Tith-Onanka, the War God