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4.3 Learning

To raise your skills and thus gain more abilities, you will need to find a tutor 
and learn from him or her. A tutor could be a player or a computer-controlled 
character. Once you've done this, typing LEARN <LESSONS> <SKILLNAME> FROM 
<TUTORNAME> will begin a lesson. Lessons generally last less than a minute, 
though the speed can be hastened by procuring a ball of myrrh gum and eating it.

To begin learning, you must have at least one lesson credit available. (Recall 
that you may see how many lesson credits you have by typing STAT or STATUS.)

In Krondor the tutors are:
     Niobe, the Rogue             (Rogue tutor)
     Tileh, the Mage              (Magician tutor)
     Father Edram                 (Priest tutor)
     Tovan, the soldier           (Soldier tutor)

In Elvandar the tutors are:
     Galain                       (Rogue tutor)
     Lathfain, the Spellweaver    (Magician tutor)
     Orina, a priestess of Silban (Priest tutor)
     Prince Calin                 (Soldier tutor)
In Sar-Sargoth the tutors are:
     Narul, a Moredhel slaver     (Rogue tutor)
     Gravis, the Witch            (Magician tutor)
     Jingo, favored of Guis-Wan   (Priest tutor)
     Cocoamel, the mercenary      (Soldier tutor)

If you wish to see what skills you will learn in a skillset, do AB <SKILLNAME> 
FULL to see the full list of abilities in that skill.

Learning from Players
You may learn from other players in the same way you would learn from a denizen/mobile. However, the teacher must be more knowledgeable than you in the skillset you wish to learn. When learning from another player, the teacher gains a small skillset proficiency increase if the teacher is not yet Transcendent in the skillset, and if the student is not a newbie (since newbies can forget lessons freely, and the bonus would be unfair). The teacher also gains experience from the teaching session.