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15.11 Language Rules

(See also: HELP OOC and HELP INSANITY for in and out of character.)

The rules for using language in Midkemia are simple. Do not inflict overly obscene language on people who you do not _know_ are willing to hear it, and do not use discriminatory language (racist, homophobic, sexist, etc) AT ALL.

We don't care what you talk about
- in tells with friends (not just anyone: friends only), or
- says (if with only friends present),

but we do not want to see awful or offensive language on any public channels (market, shout, yell, newbie, city, guild, or order channels).

Obscene language (yes, including the f-word) is just as obscene if it is disguised with multiple ***s or written backwards. The head of a society may dictate what sort of language he or she wishes to allow in his or her society, subject to the absolute restrictions on discriminatory language.

Our language rules fit within the general context of HELP OOC (or HELP ROLEPLAYING, or HELP INSANITY).

Where Do These Rules Apply?
In short: Language rules apply everywhere except tells to friends, says in the presence of friends only, and in societies (where the society guidelines rule). They apply to warcries, mottoes, titles, descriptions and EVERYWHERE else beyond the exceptions noted.

Spell It Out
Also, spell out words: do not use sounds-like abbreviations such as how r u? b4 I c u, I 1der! We don't see internet slang in Raymond Feist's novels, so spell the words out!

Leet Speak
The justifiably despised leet-speak (l33t h8x0r type of nonsense) is completely banned.

Nothing breaks the immersion of your fellow players like a misplaced or improperly used emoticon. There is a method to emoticon use in Midkemia, having them visibly apparent in your text-based conversation is not it. The use of visible emoticons is banned.
(See also: HELP SAYS)

(See also HELP LANGUAGES for the various languages of Midkemia.)