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4.13 Language

A world as diverse of people and races as Midkemia has many languages and regional dialects. All players start with a common language for their race and either a specific secondary language, or the ability to learn a new language of your own choosing if you are a human. It is also possible to learn other languages through divine gift or purchasing a language slot artifact. The most common languages spoken by players in Midkemia are Kingdom, Eledhel and Moredhel, although it is very common for players to attain a second language that suits their character. In Sar-Sargoth the goblin population often speak Goblin as their primary language, much to their Moredhel peers' anger, while in the Kingdom city of Krondor both Keshian and Tsurani are common secondary languages heard on the streets.

Once a language has been learned you cannot unlearn it, so choose wisely before picking a secondary or tertiary language.

To speak a different language you may SPEAK <language>. For example SPEAK ELEDHEL or SPEAK TSURANI.

To see what language you are currently using and your available option for languages, you can use SPEAK on its own.

You can purchase additional Language Permits at a cost of 150 credits per slot. You can buy up to 10 language permits. Once you have a language permit, you can do LANGUAGE LEARN to see a list of languages you can learn.