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6.21 Kingdom Currency

Currency and Coinage
In day-to-day Midkemia, the value of most items is given in Kingdom currency. Found in various denominations distinguished as gold, silver and copper coins, Kingdom currency can be used as payment for goods and services. 

   1 gold sovereign   =   100 silver coins OR 10000 copper coins
   1 silver coin      =   100 copper coins

In order to see how much gold you have, type I or INVENTORY. This will show you the amount of gold in your hands. If your gold is in your backpack or another container, you must PROBE that container to see how much gold it contains. The last line will detail how many of each coin you currently hold and will automatically convert the coins to the largest denomination.
For example, if you are holding 10501 copper coins, you will see:
   You carry 1 gold sovereign, 5 silver, and 1 copper in Kingdom currency.

Money can be exchanged between players or given to a denizen by using any coin type to gain the required amount. 

For example, if you wish to pay a fellow player for goods received in the amount of 2 gold, 50 silver and 2 copper:

    GIVE 2 GOLD 50 SILVER 2 COPPER TO <person> 
    GIVE 250 SILVER 2 COPPER TO <person> 
    GIVE 25002 COPPER TO <person> 

Currency can be stolen. If you wish to protect your earnings, you should store your coin in a container, or, if you want more safety, in a bank.

Gaining Money
For new adventurers, gaining money is a daunting task. Money can be earned in many ways including completing quests, ridding your city of vermin, and hunting the creatures you encounter throughout Midkemia.