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11.8.6 Killian, Singer of Green Silences

Killian, the Singer of Green Silences, is a goddess of multiple aspects. She is the Goddess of Nature, tending to all things growing, wild, and at home outside the confines of sprawling cities. Her abode stretches across the whole of Midkemia, and among her followers are rangers, woodsmen, hermits, sailors, and even some of the elves who live at peace with nature.

The Singer of Green Silences is also the Goddess of Love, favored and worshiped by lovers, suitors and maidens. But love is always a fickle thing, and Killian's favor comes and goes suddenly and often without warning.

Killian also reigns over the oceans and seas of Midkemia, having taken on the mantle of her dead brother Eortis, the God of the Sea. This realm lends to her usually demure demeanor all the unpredictability and sudden fury of the oceans. She is respected, revered and feared by sailors across the globe.

She is also known as the Gatherer of Quiet Pleasures, the Goddess of Love, the Goddess of Nature, and the Goddess of the Seas.