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11.8.5 Ka-hooli

Ka-hooli is one of the four gods who are personified by Order on Midkemia, to the betterment of all and confusion of some. Ka-hooli is the god of vengeance, or as some see it justice. Wherever a criminal is brought to justice, a murderer dies of a heart attack or a burglar is caught in the act and killed by a shop owner we can find Ka-hooli.

Ka-hooli is neither good nor evil, benevolent nor miserly, optimistic nor pessimistic, Ka-hooli is the feeling in everyone when they feel that the right thing has been done to a bad person or in a bad situation - regardless of the method of the outcome.

Ka-hooli's priesthood is diverse and encompasses all the regions of Midkemia. From warrior-priests who seek out the brothers of the dark path during their raids south of the Teeth of the World, as assistants to the Natalese Rangers, free-lance mercenaries for jealous lovers or even as advisers to country nobles - priests of Ka-hooli have one thing in common. They only assist to restore Order and find those in the wrong and bring them to justice.

Temples of Ka-hooli are generally small and scattered to cover more areas and ensure a priest is nearby to pass any judgment. Few are willing to cross the priests of Ka-hooli when they are on a quest to find and punish the guilty and even the priests of Lims-Kragma, Guis-Wan and Tith-Onanka are fearful when the situation dictates it. His priests in these small temples are often called upon to judge criminal activities and often fulfill the execution if needed. This is often the case when there is no noble or the noble is considered suspect in the affairs. 

Ka-hooli is referred to as the Howler after Fugitives, the Tireless Pursuer, the Warrior God of Vengeance, the Unraveller of Mysteries into Truth and is the God of Justice and Vengeance.