Item and Creature Customization - Midkemia Online Online Help

19.9.7 Item and Creature Customization

Customizations are purchasable upgrades bought with bound credits that enhance items and owned mobs. They can:
     - change the appearance of something (description, gender, 
       or hidden customizations)
     - affect whether an item decays (non-decay customization)
     - return an item to its owner (resetting customization) or
     - add interactivity to something (reaction customization)   

In some cases we will also create a new item that may be used in your roleplay as well.

We reserve the right to deny certain customization requests based on the game-lore and appropriateness of the request. We will, however, always speak with you to try and work out compromises and make sure everyone is happy with the results.

What Cannot Be Customized?
Crafted items cannot have their description customized, made resetting, or made non-decay. This means tailored items, armor, and weaponry cannot have alterations made to them.

While mounts can have their descriptions changed, pets cannot. If you'd like a fully redesigned pet or a custom-created pet or mount - see HELP CUSTOM PETS.

If you have a question about whether or not an item can be customized, simply ask Tock or issue yourself.

More About the Kinds of Customizations
Some decaying items can be customized in specific ways:

- ITEM DESCRIPTION: This changes the appearance of the item. An item's basic type cannot be altered, however, so a brazier will always be a brazier * (and not a bowl or lantern, etc.)

You will want to decide the short-description of an item (how it looks in IH), the way the item looks when left out of your inventory (generally referred to as the 'dropped' description), and  the extended or probed description of the item. 

You must submit an item number when making your request.
Cost: 50 bound credits
     * Items you'd like that might not currently be in the game will 
       require a different sort of customization listed below.

- MOUNT DESCRIPTIONS: Much like Item Description changes, you will want to keep with the basic type of mob, so you cannot turn a horse into a dragon nor can you make a pet into a mount. 

You will need to include the new short-description, the way it looks in a room or 'dropped' description, the probed description, and also the enter-description and the exit-description when the creature moves from room to room. 

It should be noted: ALL MOUNTS CAN BE KILLED and this does not protect yours in any way. It is merely a way to alter the look of your mount. Killian's Collar of Blessing will help protect your mount and can be purchased with Ishapian tokens, see HELP TOKEN SHOP for details.
You can also get a fully redesigned and returning (when/if killed) mount or an invincible mount via HELP CUSTOM PETS.

You must submit the mount's number when making your request. 
Cost: 75 bound credits

- NON-DECAYING: This makes the item never decay. If you lose it, though, it will be lost forever, so be careful! 

You must submit an item number when making your request.
Cost: 50 bound credits

- RESETTING: This makes the item reset to your inventory. Included with the resetting upgrade is also a non-decaying upgrade. In fact, it is not possible to customize an item to be resetting without having it also non-decaying. This includes the cost of non-decaying, so if something is non-decaying and you later want to upgrade it to resetting, it will be the cost of resetting minus the cost of non-decaying.

You must submit an item number when making your request.
Cost: 100 bound credits // 50 bound credits to upgrade an already non-decay item

- REACTIONS: Oftentimes roleplay can be enhanced by items or mobs reacting when interacted with. This could be by responding with a specific behavior when emoted at, pushed, pulled, turned, wielded, touched, any number of ways. 

You'll want to be sure you include how you'd like the reaction to look for yourself (first person reaction) and for someone else watching (third person reaction). Third person reactions should be short, single actions (not reactions spaced over time) and not things that will spam anyone. Good examples are the sorts of reactions Banapis have when emoted to.

First person reactions (the sort only you see) can be as long and spammy as you'd like as it is only yourself that will get spammed.

Can be done to either items or loyal mobs.  
Cost: 25 bound credits or higher depending on the complexity of the request. 

- GENDER CHANGE: For mounts and pets, some may be ineligible due to their basic names such as mares or stallions for example. 

Can be done to either items or loyal mobs.  
Cost: 25 bound credits

- HIDDEN: Sometimes, you want all the joys of a couch without people knowing it's really there. 

Cannot be done to mobs. May be rejected if deemed an unfair advantage.
Cost: 25 bound credits

- NEW ITEM CREATION: If you wish to see an item within the world (and within your grasp) that you have not yet seen in Midkemia, we will happily work with you to create something that suits your roleplay and the unique world you do it in. This means that on occasion, we will have to say no to things that do not suit the game's lore or technology level. 

These items are NOT permanent, they will usually decay within a year and are just base items with no reactions on them. They cannot be weapons, mounts, or pets. (Pet auctions happen a few times per year along with our artifact auctions).

Cost: 75 bound credits

Quick Guide Costs of Customizations
- Item Description:   50 bound credits.
- Mount Description: 75 bound credits.
- Non-Decaying:  50 bound credits.
- Resetting:    100 bound credits.
- Upgrading(*):  50 bound credits.
- Reactions(**): 25 bound credits and up.
- Gender Change: 25 bound credits.
- Hidden: 25 bound credits.
- New Item Creation: 75 bound credits.

(*) Upgrading from non-decaying to resetting.
(**) Reactions cost a MINIMUM of 25 credits each, more depending on complexity and scope. Check with for pricing on what you wish to do.

How Do I Get a Customization?
In three ways: you can either ISSUE ME, message Tock, or email the admin at

In all cases, include the number next to the name of the thing that you want to customize (dog12345 or sofa12345), the kind of customization that you want, and have the credits already bound and ready to go.

In cases where you might wish to customize an item that you are not holding, be aware if it is in a public place or an estate that is not owned by your character, we may need time to contact estate owners or organization leaders to make sure they are alright with any changes.

Please  remember, we are here to make your game as awesome as possible. Just because you don't see something here that you'd like to do, doesn't mean we won't do it. Ask! We like to talk to you and hear ideas, it's how we improve the game and you never know what we might add option-wise next!