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11.7.1 Ishap, He Who Is Above All

Ishap, He Who Is Above All, is the first of the Greater Gods of Midkemia, the God of Balance, the Matrix. He maintains and weaves the fabric of reality, carefully guiding it towards balance in all things. He deposed the Blind Gods of the Beginning and the Valheru in the Chaos Wars, and reigns supreme among the Pantheon which sprung from the streams of his divine fount - yet, as all the Greater Gods, he is detached and indifferent towards the affairs and trials of the race of man.

Some are drawn to his worship, but it is a peaceful and monastic order comprised mainly of learned scholars, and most are turned away. The Abbey at Sarth is the most renowned of Ishap's temples, housing the greatest library and repository of knowledge in the known world.

The Ishapians rarely involve themselves in temporal matters, holding no special preeminence among the more vociferous temples of the Lesser Gods. The primary functions of the priesthood are to ceremonially ordain the coronation of the King of the Isles in Rillanon, and to serve as impartial mediators in disputes of faith between the other divine orders.