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19.15 Iron Elite Memberships

Elite Memberships are an extremely good, cost-effective way for you to improve multiple characters. The value far exceeds our normal credit and lesson packages, especially when coupled with those packages.

Members will receive:

Every character registered to your email address, will earn 5 lessons, everyday, upon login. You will earn these lessons the instant you login. This will net you 150 lessons per month which is about 25 credits. If you have 10 characters, that is the equivalent of 250 credits per month in lessons.

Your account will earn 100 bound credits every month. These credits can be distributed across your characters with the command CREDITS MEMBERSHIP TRANSFER <amount>. In addition, you will accumulate 5 more credits every month you are on the membership. For example, after 5 months you will get 125 bound credits added to your account. This will top out at an additional 50 bound credits per month, totaling 150 bound credits. Warning: simply transferring credits from your Membership to a character does not prevent deletion due to inactivity.

You will have a permanent 10% bonus to all credit purchases while on the membership. In other words, members will have a permanent sale running. This bonus will stack with any other sale we run.

We expect most elite members will be established players that have already enjoyed leveling their characters. As such, we are offering an experience bonus to all members. This is a monthly, 5% cumulative bonus (up to 25%). For example, for the first month you will enjoy a 5% XP bonus. For the second month you will have a 10% XP bonus. In month five you will have a 25% bonus. Of course, this bonus will stack with any other bonuses you enjoy.

You will receive 2 Ishapian tokens each month, which can be used to buy exclusive and rare items in the Shop of Wonders that are not normally otherwise available.

Elite Memberships have a monthly recurring payment. In order to sign up for the program you will have to agree to monthly payments via PayPal. You can do so by visiting:

It's also important to remember that simply transferring credits from a membership to a character does not prevent the character from being deleted due to inactivity. To protect against this, it is important to either log in periodically, or to purchase any number of credits from the website.

Cancelling your membership:
You can cancel you membership at anytime by logging into PayPal and cancelling the membership. If you signed up using ATS, you can go to to cancel your membership, but you must have your order number in order to do so.

If you are having trouble with that, feel free to email for assistance.

Seconds Abuse:
Remember that we track characters if they are logged in at the same time from the same registration. So if you plan on switching all your friends to the same email addy, you will effectively be limiting them to never being able to play at the same time. Additionally, you will never be able to move them off the same registrations, which will give them the ability to change the registration info and effectively steal all your characters. Not to mention we will permanently block the accounts and characters of people found to be cheating.

In short, do not try to abuse this, we will find out pretty quickly.