Introduction - Midkemia Online Online Help

1 Introduction

1.1     Syntax         The syntax that Midkemia's help files are in.
1.2     Concept        The concept behind Midkemia.
1.3     Midkemia       What makes Midkemia special in this genre.
1.4     Environment    The structure of Midkemia for those unfamiliar 
                       with it.
1.5     Conduct        Appropriate conduct for Midkemia.
1.6     Etiquette      Etiquette for dealing with young players.
1.7     Ansi           How to see glorious technicolour within Midkemia.
1.8     Glossary       A glossary of Midkemia-related terms.
1.9     Service        How to obtain customer service.
1.10    Help           The Midkemian help system.
1.10.1  How Do I?      Using Help in various ways.
1.11    Mudintro       For those who are completely new to text muds.
1.12    Password       Your password, losing it, protecting it.
1.13    Failed Logins  What to do when you see this ominous message!
1.14    Hacking        Some things to discourage or prevent hacking.