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7.11 Inks and Pigments

Used in Tattoos and in Artistry skills, the colors of inks are created from Pigments.

What is a Pigment?
Pigments are the base ingredients for many things and change the color of whatever they are added to. Items that can be altered by pigments are Cosmetics, Paints, Writing Ink, Flowers, and Tattoist's Ink Capsules.

Pigments come in two distinct forms: Fine pigments and normal pigments. 


Fine pigments are used in Artistry skills, namely to dye flowers, create paints and writing inks, in cosmetics, and in the case of gold ink, in tattoos. They are made milling gemstones and valueable metals.

Normal pigments are used in Tattoos and Artistry skills. They can be combined with items to create writing inks for books and letters, dyes to change the colors of flowers, paints for paintings and murals, cosmetics for your face, and magical tattoos for your body. These pigments are made by milling flowers and other plants.