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11.3 Holy Orders

What Is a Holy Order?
Orders are groups of adventurers of Midkemia who have formally declared their 
worship of, and dedication to, a particular Deity. Most, but by no means all 
Immortals of Midkemia have Holy Orders. HELP GODS lists the Gods whose Orders 
you may wish to learn more about. Also make sure to check HELP <godname> to 
learn more about the philosophy and realm of that God.

Every Order has a dedicated Order channel, which members can use to speak
to each other. The syntax is OT <your message>, and you can use OTOFF and
OTON to mute or unmute it. Only members of your own sect or cult can hear what 
you say on the Order channel.

Each Order has access to a pool of "essence," which is a spiritual energy which
can be employed to beseech their Deity for blessings and boons. A sect may
increase their essence by offering the corpses of slain denizens at shrines of
the sect (see HELP SHRINES). Cults do not have shrines, so this avenue is not
open to them, but must instead grow in power and influence by converting 
denizens through the strength of their arguments.

What Is a Cult or Sect?
A cult or sect is an independent subdivision of a Holy Order. Worship of the 
Gods varies greatly from region to region, and so while some sects may be 
cooperative, others may be competitive, or even war with each other over their 
different ideals.

Orders can be either cults (HELP CULTS) or sects (HELP SECTS). A new Order 
starts out as merely a cult, and with enough investment and participation by its 
members, may be converted into a full-fledged sect when recognized by their 

For example, Prandur is known both as the Bringer of Light and the Burner of 
Cities. In one aspect, he is worshiped as a benevolent and life-giving deity. In 
the other, his destructive nature is revered. One sect may follow one path, 
while the other follows another. See HELP DIVINE NATURE to learn more about the 
manifold aspects of the Gods.

Normally, you will only be able to communicate and interact within the Holy 
Order with members of your own cult or sect.

Finding and Joining an Order
There is no single manner of finding or joining a Holy Order. Perhaps you simply 
need to seek out a member of the Order and ask. Some Gods require that you 
diligently seek a special place, such as a temple or Holy Grove. There may be 
quests or trials to undertake.

Priests, however, may learn to devote themselves at the shrine of a God by 
studying Faith.

To learn about the possible sects and cults avilable:
   ORDERS <God>
   ORDERSUMMARY <sect/cult>

What's Good About Membership?
Many find membership in a God's Order to be one of the most important parts of 
their experience in Midkemia. Membership gives a sense of belonging, and a sense 
of being watched over by a Deity who is sympathetic to you, and whose 
involvement may prove vital to success in the realms.

Priests that join Sects may gain access to powerful tertiary skillsets which 
allow them to employ immense powers drawn from their God's realm.

Leaving A Holy Order
Membership in a Holy Order is not an irrevocable decision. You can QUIT
<order> to leave a Holy Order, though you should consider this decision
carefully before making it.