High Societies - Midkemia Online Online Help

21.6 High Societies

High Societies are officially sanctioned, in-character societies that receive extra attention from the administrative team in promoting immersive roleplay separate from the usual focal points for RP (i.e., cities, guilds, and orders). Administrator-run events relevant to the High Society's RP may occur, and quests and NPCs may be added to the game to augment the society. In addition, players can gain and lose reputation with High Societies.

High Societies...
   - must be democratic (to promote the longevity of the society).
   - may only be renamed or dissolved by an administrator.
   - may not be owned by an organization (such as a guild or city).
   - will not eventually become guilds or cities.

To become a High Society, the society head must contact the Producer(s) through an out of character issue, or an email to support@midkemiaonline.com and explain: 
     (1) the purpose of the society 
     (2) why it is a good candidate to become a High Society. 

Successful applicants will enter into a review period during which administrators will silently scrutinize the society for the following qualities:
   - strictly in-character
   - good, unique, and interesting RP
   - clear background appropriate to MKO
   - active player support

After review, the request will be approved or denied.