Heirlooms - Midkemia Online Online Help

17.8 Heirlooms


Assembling Heirlooms:
        HEIRLOOM ATTACH <piece> TO [PIECE] <piece|partial heirloom>
        HEIRLOOM BREAK <partial heirloom>

Exhibiting Heirlooms in Estates:
        HEIRLOOM EXHIBIT <heirloom>
        HEIRLOOM STOW <replica*> (*Note this is the replica ID, not heirloom)

Acquiring and Trading Heirlooms:
        HEIRLOOM EXCHANGE <piece>
        HEIRLOOM TRADE <COMPLETE|PIECE> <heirloom|piece> TO <player> FOR
        ...   NOTHING
        ...   <COMPLETE|PIECE> <heirloom|piece>

Opening Heirloom Packages:
        OPEN <package #>

Heirlooms are collectible items that are assembled from several pieces. They are all unique in some special way, and many affect the way you look or sound to others, though none confer any advantage in combat.

Listing and Assembling Heirlooms
Unlike normal items, heirloom pieces are stored in a special vault rather than in your inventory, accessible only by looking at HEIRLOOMS COMPLETE, HEIRLOOMS PARTIAL, or HEIRLOOM PIECES.

You can HEIRLOOM ASSEMBLE pieces together into partially complete heirlooms, and continue attaching new pieces until you have formed a complete heirloom, at which point it will become a normal item in your inventory, and you will gain additional information about the heirloom when you HEIRLOOM SHOW it, displaying some information about its history and purpose.

You can also HEIRLOOM BREAK partial heirlooms to return them into their constituent pieces, though this may not be done to complete heirlooms, which are permanent and will reset into your inventory, ensuring that they can never be stolen.

Heirloom Powers and Abilities
Heirlooms confer no benefit in combat, but each heirloom can have one of a number of interesting and unique properties. In particular, you can use heirlooms to customize your appearance, as well as provide interesting ambient flavor messages for yourself.

Heirloom powers are generally only active when worn, with the exception of ambient flavor messages, which are also active when simply in your inventory. These properties also do not stack or combine with one another, again with the exception of ambient flavor messages, which are always chosen at random from among the available messages.

The possible powers are:
   * Look Text: Changes your appearance when players look at a room.
     Example: Pug of Crydee is here, radiating an aura of calm.
   * Shout Voice: Changes the sound of your voice when you shout.
     Example: Thunder rumbles as Pug of Crydee shouts, "Well met!"
   * Movement Messages: Changes the default look of the way you move.
     Example: Tomas Megarson marches in from the west, towering over you.
              Tomas Megarson marches to the east, eyes alert for danger.
   * Ambient Flavor Messages: Occasionally triggers ambient room messages.
   * Other: Heirlooms can have other effects, left to the reader to discover.

Exhibiting Heirlooms
If you own a private estate, you can also HEIRLOOM EXHIBIT a complete heirloom to display it in your current estate room, which will cause it to reset to that room and also make it be unable to be taken. You can HEIRLOOM STOW the item to take it at any time, and it will reset into your inventory as normal.

Acquiring and Trading Heirlooms
Heirloom pieces are acquired either by converting 30 lessons into a random heirloom piece (HEIRLOOM CONVERT LESSONS), or by trading your existing heirloom pieces with other players (HEIRLOOM TRADE ...). Therefore, even if you get an heirloom piece that you already have, you can trade it with another player who may not have it.

You can also HEIRLOOM EXCHANGE an unwanted or unneeded heirloom piece for a random reward in return. You will receive either some coins, a token granting a free spin on the Wheel of Chance outside of Lan, or another random heirloom piece.