Hall of Worlds - Midkemia Online Online Help

18.6 Hall of Worlds

When a mortal reaches level 100, their body and mind have been perfected to such a point that they can reach that strange and wondrous place that lies between the planes of existence: the Hall of Worlds.

There are numerous doorways to the Hall of Worlds scattered across Midkemia, appearing as nothing more than ordinary, if slightly strange, doorways. However, those who are a Lord of the Planes may utilize them to move quickly across the land and between worlds.

To use the doorways, a Lord of the Planes can:

   TRANSVERSE <doorway>

The Hall of Worlds is a dangerous place, and not meant for mortals, though. Lingering there will slowly eat away at the body and spirit of the ones who walk there.

Additionally, the Lords of the Planes also gain 5 additional points beyond the normal maximum in every one of their base statistics, reflecting their mastery over body and mind.