Guildmasters - Midkemia Online Online Help

10.2.2 Guildmasters

The office of Guildmaster is the elected head of the Guild. He or she has a wide variety of powers: most importantly the powers of appointment to other important guild offices. The Guildmaster is also responsible for the overall leadership, health, and success of the Guild. The politically capable are drawn to this office, as the Guildmaster must also ensure the relations with the Guild's host nation remain good, and indeed the political influence wielded by Guilds - particularly Guilds with competing interests - often waxes and wanes with the political prowess and charm of the Guildmaster.

All Guilds are democratic in nature: if the members of a Guild are displeased with the leadership the Guildmaster is providing, they will swiftly elect a new Guildmaster. You must have reached guild rank three before you may contest the office of Guildmaster in an election.

While holding the office, the Guildmaster slowly increases her guild rank over time. The amount her rank increases depends upon the amount of time the Guildmaster spends in Midkemia. Once a Guildmaster has left office, she will be restored to her former rank (or a higher rank, if it has been thus earned).

All the powers that the Guildmaster has may be seen using GUILD PRIVS (assuming you are Guildmaster).

Requesting New Things
Guildmasters may also make requests of the administrator denizen for his or her guild. This is part of his or her role as the leader of a guild or clan, and is for requests that fall outside the normal purview of his or her privileges (such as expanding or renovating the guildhall). To do so, TELL <mob> NEW REQUEST.