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6.5 Guides

Guides exist solely to help newbies, having been created (HONORS THALLO, HONORS CARPO, HONORS AUXESIA) for that purpose alone.

The guides are Thallo, Carpo, and Auxesia. Their purpose is to be available to our newbies and to help answer their questions.

If you have enabled ANSI (see HELP ANSI) and you enter QW (for a "Quick Who" list), then the GUIDES will show up in a different color (probably bright yellow).

If you are a newbie, feel free to call on them for help whenever you need to, either by speaking on the newbie channel or by asking them directly via tell.

How to contact the Guides
* Use Newbie! Just type NEWBIE I'm looking at Ursula - am I in Krondor?
  (Or NEWBIE <whatever-you-want-to-ask>)

* Talk to Thallo, Carpo, or Auxesia directly and privately via tells. For
  TELL THALLO Could you direct me to Elvandar please? (or TELL CARPO... ).

Things the Guides can do for you
* Give you ideas about how to play in Midkemia.

* Answer questions about basic gameplay, in general terms.

* Give you hints about a few of the quests in the newbie areas.

Things the Guides should NOT do for you
* Help you understand your class skills or abilities. Please ask others in
  your class, or members of your city or guild for help with this.

* Solve quests for you (except for those mentioned in HELP NEWBIE QUESTS).
  Sharing information about quests is strongly discouraged (see HELP QUESTS).

* Contact immortals for you. Guides are not messengers, or liaisons with
  the Gods. Please do not ask them to contact other immortals for you.
  If you need to contact an immortal, use ISSUE ME.

But But! You Really NEED To KNOW Something
You keep asking a Guide a question, and that blasted person never gives you a straight answer. Now what do you do?

That's probably because the question you are asking is ooc - out of character (see HELP OOC). In that case, you should probably either try to find out by private means, meaning tells or messages with others who are clearly willing to be out of character with you, or you should avail yourself of our excellent HELP system, for which there is help on almost everything - both figuratively and literally! Yes, it's all there.

Failing in all that, as a last resort, you could always use the ISSUE system to make an inquiry. That would probably be in the form of ISSUE ME (your question here).