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11.7 Greater Gods

When the universe reordered itself, the First Gods were deposed and a new order of Gods rose up to take their place. First, was Ishap, the God of Balance, who created the rest of the Gods of Midkemia. Next are the Goddess of Good and the God of Evil, followed by the four Greater Gods called the Builders, who comprise the four traits found within all mortal races.

* Ishap - the Matrix; God of Balance; He Who Is Above All
* Arch-Indar - the Selfless; Goddess of Good; She Who Is Perfection
* The Nameless One - the Selfish; God of Evil; the Mad God
* Abram-Sev - the Forger of Action; the Giver of Laws
* Ev-Dem - the Worker From Within; the Calculator of Odds
* Graff - the Weaver of Desire; the Granter of Wishes
* Helbinor - the Abstainer

Knowledge of the Goddess of Good and the God of Evil have been lost to mortals, and indeed they have no followers or worshipers. Their mere existence is known only in legend by the most learned clerics of Ishap.