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12 Geography of Midkemia Online

12.1       Maps                    High-quality maps of the lands.
12.2       Planes                  A brief mention of planes and planar travel.
12.2.1     The Hall of Worlds      A place between the planes.

12.3       Triagia                 The primary continent of Midkemia.

12.3.1     The Teeth of the World   Rut Horuk Trollcamp   The Frontier Valley   The Sedia Tunnels   Ig'tur Trollcamp   Cutter's Gap   Semal Reach

12.3.2     The Green Heart   The Green Heart Forest   The village of Skreech   The Abbey of Silban

12.3.3     The Elvandar Forest   The Elvandar Forest   Elvandar

12.3.4     The Isbandia Plains   Edder Forest   The ruins of Armengar   The town of Harlech   a Beaver Dam   The Isbandia Lake   The Moraelin Lake

12.3.5     Duchy of Yabon   The City of Yabon   The town of Tyr-sog   The City of LaMut   The village of Zun   The town of Loriel   The Barony of Yarsog   The Yabon Forest Ruins of Veilgarden   The Yabon River   The Dirge Swamp The Tayr-Dorin ruins  Loriel

12.3.6     The Free Cities of Natal   The Free City of Natal   The town of Port Natal   Bordon   The town of Margrave's Port   The town of Lan   Hawk's Hollow   The town of Walinor   The town of Hush   The city of Ylith  The Straits of Darkness  The Outpost of Eggerson  Uru Gathering  The Lovestruck Nature Reserve

12.3.7     The Isbandia Vale   The City of Sar-Sargoth   Caern   The Ardanian Ice Caverns

12.3.8     The Grey Tower Ranges   The Grey Towers   The village of Caldara   Mac Mordain Cadal   The Eagles Reaches

12.3.9     The Far Coast   The Duchy of Crydee   The city of Carse   The city of Jonril   The town of Tulan   The Far Coast Beaches   Sailor's Grief   The Nascera Commune

12.3.10    The Krondorian Principality  The City of Krondor  The Calastius Mountains  The Abbey of Sarth  The farmlands of Krondor  Questor's View  Smuggler's Cove  Bandit Camp

12.3.11    The Hadati Highlands  The Hadati Highlands  The Lion's Den  The Lake of the Sky  The Imp Caves  The Highland Crypt

12.3.12    The Thunderhell Steppes  The Thunderhell Plains  The Ithilian Defile

12.3.13    The Vale of Dreams  Stardock  Great Star Lake  Shamata  Sunspear

12.3.14    The High Wold  Highcastle  The Lost Barony

12.3.15    The Barony of Darkmoor  Ravensburg

12.3.16    The Bitter Sea  Isola Fantasmi  Island Designation #2810  The Ancient Ruins of Sethanon