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7.12 Flowers

Beautiful flowers grow all throughout Midkemia, from the most welcoming of environments to the tundras of the north. Skilled Artists have the proper knowledge of gathering flowers and using them to create beautiful floral decorations.

With the appropriate skill you may PICK or HARVEST flowers from around the world. Also, if you are a skilled Alchemist, you may sometimes find particularly beautiful flowers among the herbs that you harvest. Anyone may also WEAR <flower> IN HAIR or WEAR <flower> BEHIND EAR as well.

Much like herbs, flowers only grow in certain seasons and in certain locations so you should always be aware of the environment around you and the time of the year if you wish to find specific flowers. Reputedly, there are over two dozen types of flowers out there to be discovered.

Flowers by Season
Spring:                                    Summer:
a soft pink rose                           a delicate lavender sweetpea
a striking ivory callalily                 a vivid purple daisy
a deep aubergine iris                      a vibrant golden sunflower
a vibrant scarlet peony                    a dark maroon dahlia
a delicate peach magnolia                  a pale cerulean hydrangea
a deep purple hyacinth                     a bright chartreuse hellebore flower
a delicate silvery foxglove flower         a pale lapis cactus flower
a striking fuchsia primrose                a delicate ivory orchid
a bright cream gardenia                    a pale amethyst lotus blossom
a cluster of vivid plum heather            a deep violet thistle flower
a woad leaf*                               a vibrant gold hibiscus flower
a stalk of deep aubergine lavender         a vine of vivid orange honeysuckle
a tuft of vibrant emerald moss             a cluster of delicate ivory jasmine-

Autumn:                                    Winter:
a vibrant white chrysanthemum              a striking midnight violet
a deep saffron tigerlily                   a vivid orange poppy
a pale purple freesia                      a striking midnight snapdragon
a striking crimson poinsettia              a bright cyan amaryllis flower
a deep indigo larkspur flower              a delicate white snowdrop flower
a pale yellow henbane flower
a branch of vivid pink cherry blossoms
a sprig of indigo*
a crisp white plumeria flower

Note - if you come across a flower that doesn't quite match the above listed flowers, or of a totally different sort, it will likely not allow you to MILL or DYE it. It may be already dyed or a part of a quest. If you're unsure, feel free to BUG the problem and the admin will look into it for you.

* denotes plants that can be placed in Artistry floral arrangements or made into pigments but cannot be dyed different hues and colors.

In general, most flowers used in Artistry are of such a fine quality that they look a specific way when you glance at them (a <hue-adjective> <color> <flower type>), for example, a vivid orange poppy or a pale pink rose. Those with sufficient skill in Artistry may alter those flowers to change their hues and colors to suit their desires.