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6.2 Fines, Banishment, and Enemy Status

Syntax:  FINES
         PAY FINE FOR <organization> (at a bank)

For NPC organizations:
         BRIBE <magistrate> FOR PARDON IN <village>

What is an enemy status?
Occasionally, an organization (such as a City or Guild) may declare you
an enemy or banish you from their lands, typically from breaking a law.
When this happens, you are more likely to be attacked by people who
are members of that organization, and any denizens (NPCs) loyal to
that organization will attack you on sight!

Further, if you die while in the territory of that organization to
another person, you will lose experience (unlike most PvP deaths).

You can see what organizations have declared you an enemy (if any)
on your STATUS, and also see if any are eligible to be removed with
a fine.

For lesser crimes and transgressions, an organization will often simply
banish you for a set period of time instead. During that period of time,
you are enemied to the organization, but when it elapses you will be
granted an automatic pardon.

What is a fine?
A fine is the price that an organization which has declared you an enemy
has decreed they will accept in order to pardon your crimes or
transgressions against that organization. Some organizations may decide
not to set a fine at all!

You can see your current fines by entering FINES.

Bribes and Bribery
Unlike with the more rigorously controlled player organizations, those villages, towns and cities run by denizens (NPCs) often have corrupt or parochial justice systems. In these cases, a good contact or two can go a long way. There is a corrupt Magistrate, Angelo, in Port Natal who has many such contacts amassed over the years.

You can bribe Angelo to ensure that "justice" is done and your enemy status with a particular denizen-controlled village is lifted. Be warned, however, that bribing this Magistrate isn't cheap!

To do so, enter BRIBE <magistrate> FOR PARDON IN <village>.

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