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17 Events and Special Activities

17.1     Worldgames           Special games played across Midkemia.
17.1.1   Bloodbath            Whoever slays the most players wins.

17.2     Great Hunt           The Great Hunt called across Midkemia.

17.3     Auctions             Bidding in special auctions.

17.4     Gambling             Games of luck, skill, and money.
17.4.1   Pokiir               The popular card game from Kesh. Pokiir Rules         Detailed rules of pokiir.
17.4.2   Blackjack            The common man's tavern game.
17.4.3   Roulette             Spin the wheel if you dare! 
17.4.4   Warboats             Battle yer ships, yarr!
17.4.5   Racetracks           Bet on your favorite ostrich!

17.5     Chess (Shah)         The game of Kings, Warlords, and Generals.
17.5.1   Rules of Chess       Understanding the rules of chess.
17.5.2   Owning a Chessboard  Setting up special chess games.
17.6     Lotteries            Games of chance and luck.
17.6.1   The Iron Lottery     A special lottery with credit prizes.
17.6.2   IRE Lottery          Iron Realms-wide Credit lottery.
17.7     Dueling              Dueling another person in combat.
17.8     Heirlooms            Collectible items to customize yourself.
17.8.1   List of Heirlooms    A list of all heirlooms and their uses.
17.10    Callancma            The Keshian stone game.

17.11    Warfare              An overview of company-based warfare
17.11.1  War Commands         How to command military companies
17.11.2  Company Statistics   Information about military companies
17.11.3  War objectives       War, what is it good for?

17.12    Convoys              The road is dangerous.