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20.1 Estates

Estates are private houses created and owned by wealthy and powerful players. They are places of retreat and respite, where anyone the owner wishes may gather.

   Syntax: ESTATE

Constructing an Estate
To construct an estate, you must first find a suitable private community, designated by an unmistakable gilded gate into the exclusive community. At the gates, you can:

   ESTATE CONSTRUCT ESTATE NAMED (name)     - 35 gold sovereigns

This will erect a 1-room estate in this community which anyone may access. You may then decorate your room as follows:

   ESTATE SET ROOM TITLE (title)            - 1 gold sovereign
   ESTATE EDIT ROOM DESC                    - 1 gold sovereign
   Note: The first room you alter the title and room desc for is free of charge.

You may also decide to rename your estate at any time:

   ESTATE SET ESTATE NAME (name)            - 1 gold sovereign

You may also wish to give your estate a more formal title:

   ESTATE SET ESTATE TITLE (title)          - 1 gold sovereign

You may also wish to restrict who can enter your estate. See HELP PERMISSIONS for a full overview of the permissions system. You can:

   ESTATE CLEAR ESTATE PERMS                     (to wipe all perms)

Upgrading and Expanding your Estate
You may also decide you wish to construct additional rooms:

   ESTATE CONSTRUCT ROOM <dir>              - 15 gold sovereigns

You may then wish to place a door between these rooms:

   ESTATE CONSTRUCT DOOR <dir>              - 2 gold sovereigns, 50 silver

The door will be installed with a simple wooden lock. You can decide to upgrade the lock if you desire to a more secure lock:

   ESTATE UPGRADE LOCK <dir> IRON           - 1 gold sovereign
                        ...  STEEL          - 3 gold sovereigns
                        ...  MAGIC          - 10 credits

Note that no one except you is able to lock or unlock this door, unless you alter the permissions on the door. See HELP PERMISSIONS for a full overview of the permissions system. To alter the permissions, you can:

   ESTATE SET DOOR PERMS <dir> <new perm>
   ESTATE REMOVE DOOR PERMS <dir> <old perm>
   ESTATE CLEAR DOOR PERMS <dir>                     (to wipe all perms)

You may also decide to conceal an exit from view:

   ESTATE HIDE EXIT <dir> [secrecy %]       - 5 credits

The secrecy % can range from 1-101, and determines the amount of Vigilance required to see the hidden exit (it is impossible to see with transcendent Vigilance at 101%).

You may decide to destroy or re-arrange the rooms and exits across your estate as often as you wish, though there is no reimbursement for the costs of construction on rooms and exits you destroy (including any hidden exits or magic locks you have installed).

However, there is very little reason to ever destroy a room. If you wish to move it, you can simply change the exits.