Equilibrium and Balance - Midkemia Online Online Help

4.5 Equilibrium and Balance

The majority of abilities require that you draw on your balance or equilibrium to perform them. In Midkemia, these represent your offensive balance and defensive equilibrium.


By balance, we mean that after performing an attack, you are off balance for a certain amount of time. This amount can be variable depending on the ability you've performed and how difficult it might be.

For example, if you threw a punch at someone, you would need a moment to draw your arm back before being able to throw another punch. This would be your basic balance. In Midkemia, however, you can potentially have a much wider, and more difficult, range for attacks. If you, instead of simply punching out, swung a sword, it would take you that much longer to recover before you could swing again. Similarly, casting a spell or smiting with a priests' hammer would take a decent bit of time to recover from.

Also note, there are certain other abilities that might take balance, such as 'preparatory' defenses like Selfishness. These are not meant to be used directly in combat, and so would make it very difficult for you to maintain an offensive while using them.


Equilibrium, on the other hand, applies to your ability to defend yourself in combat. 
While you might be losing balance swinging your sword or casting an apocalyptic spell, you still have enough equilibrium in your body to be able to use it in a certain manner to defend against an oncoming attack.

For example, let's say that you swing your sword at Bob and are off balance. Bob, then, swings his back. As the swing starts, there is a short period of time where you can decide and execute the proper defense to limit the effect and damage of the attack. Let's assume that you DUCK under his oncoming attack. As you duck, you have lost that last bit of defensive equilibrium and will have to wait until you've recovered before being able to defend against the next attack. Note: while this is the primary use for Equilibrium, there are also a smattering of other abilities that use it, as they would enhance your ability to defend yourself.

Also see: HELP FIGHTING for more information regarding the defenses that use Equilibrium.