Dueling - Midkemia Online Online Help

17.7 Dueling

Dueling is a way to challenge another person to mortal combat, either to settle a feud, defend your honor, show an ungrateful cur his rightful place, or merely engage in a spirited practice session.


   CHALLENGE (player)    - Challenge a person to a duel
   SPARWHO               - Seek other persons seeking a sparring partner
   SPARON                - Add yourself to the sparring list
   SPAROFF               - Remove yourself from the sparring list

Sparring requires the challenged person to agree to the duel, after which the duelists have 5 minutes to slay one another. The time decrements, but excludes any time where either of the duelists are in combat. If the time expires, the duel is declared a draw.

If one duelist defeats the other, then the duel is called in that person's favor. Neither duelist is slain, and no War points, essence, or experience is gained or lost by either duelist. Both duelists are granted a brief period of divine grace during which they are immune to attack, to prevent an over-eager duelist from accidentally killing his or her weakened dueling opponent.

It should go without saying that carrying on a duel while in real battle is inadvisable, and utilizing the formal dueling mechanisms to cure afflictions, rob others of a kill, or gain divine grace in the midst of a real battle is explicitly against the rules, and will result in the offending characters being permanently lost.