Divine Faith - Midkemia Online Online Help

5.6.2 Divine Faith

Faith is the measure of a Priest's communion with his or her patron deity. The more faith a Priest has, the more powerful prayers a Priest will be able to enact into reality. Some philosophers have claimed that the faith of Priests is merely a different kind of magic, but a Magician could no more teach a Priest of faith or magic than a bird teach a fish how to fly.

Faith is often deeply personal, and the amount of faith as person can have is determined by his or her experience and intelligence.

Faith naturally fades over time, and must be rekindled to be of use. Priests are powerful wielders of Faith, and many of their offensive abilities in Righteousness fuel their existing pool of Faith as the enemies of their Gods are smote down. In times of peace, Priests may conduct liturgies praising the Gods to regain their Faith, and inspire faith in others. The amount of Faith restored by a Priest's liturgy depends upon both the intelligence and willpower of the devotee.

Faith is also the name of a Priest skillset, which is largely focused on healing and supporting prayers.