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11.5.1 Divine Boons and the Labyrinth of the Gods

Divine Boons and the Labyrinth of the Gods

BOON            - Gives you all the options
BOONLIST        - Gives you a list of your boons
BOONSHOW #      - Gives you the status of the specific boon.
ATTUNE CRYSTAL  - Must be done with the crystal in your inventory at the statues 
                  throughout the Labyrinth of the Gods 

The Basics
Located in a once-hidden garden behind Sarth Abbey, the entrance to the Labyrinth of the Gods is accessible to all but beware any who seek to traverse the Labyrinth without the crystalline form of a divine boon in their hands. Men and Gods alike have gone crazy and been trapped within its bounds for ages, lost in the strange pathways and shifting landscape built by Ishap Himself. 

A brave few have tried and succeeded in walking the pathway to the center of the labyrinth and found that the divine have listened to their requests, though whether the pain and anguish were worth their efforts has yet to be seen.
What are Boons about?
Boons are a way for mortals to make requests to the gods, they are granted for a variety of reasons by the divine and their associates for great feats on the field of battle or great wonders in action. Perhaps gathering a wealth of clovers or a massive audience for a bardic show might please one and thus, a crystal boon item may be gifted. Using this, you can safely traverse the Labyrinth of the gods in order to make a request. 

What sort of things can be requested with a Boon?
Anything from RP related items to RP you would like to see happen for your character. 

You can request items that you have wanted in the past, or items you want for the future. 

You may request some small additions to NPCs, or quests you would like your character to be mentioned in.

It is very important to note that all requests filed are subject to approval or rejection by the gods. If we deem the request unfulfillable for any reason, your request will be rejected and you will not be able to alter it for that specific boon. So please be very specific in your requests, and keep them within reason. 

We also might decide to change small specific details in any request as deemed fit.

Some random examples of requests include:
"I would like a specific item for this RP I have planned and it needs to look like this........"

"I would really like Lady Killian to attend my wedding!"

"I want to feast at Tith-Onanka's great table!"

"I'd like my weapon to be imbued with the power of my Patron."

"I wish to have a pear tree that grows in my estate."

"When I walk past Arutha, can he give me a wink and a nod? We have a bit of a connection, if you know what I mean..."

These examples are just that, examples, and would not necessarily be granted if requested. 

How it works

You can be granted a boon by a god for whatever reason they decide you deserved it. You can also gain a boon by winning a world game (such as a bloodbath or a clover hunt), if the game master decides that the game is worth rewarding a boon. You may also find the Prayer Labyrinth, and make it to the center without losing your mind, but this is a very hard task to achieve.

Upon receiving your boon, you will receive a corresponding boon item. This item grants you free passage throughout the Prayer Labyrinth, with no chance of losing your life. Within the Prayer Labyrinth is twelve statues to the Gods. At each of the statues, you will have to ATTUNE you specific item. When you reach the center of the Prayer Labyrinth and you have attuned the item to all the other statues, you can finally attune the item to the altar located at the middle. This will launch the editor for you, and allow you to write your request.