Directions - Midkemia Online Online Help

2.4.1 Directions

Directions can easily be found to common landmarks around Midkemia, allowing for fast and easy travel.

Directions and Basic Travel
To see the landmarks around you, type:

   DIR or DIRS

Then you can type DIR <Location> to automatically walk to one of those 
directions. If you wish to find a global landmark instead of a local one (for 
example, if you wish to travel to Krondor), then enter DIRS GLOBAL to see those 
global landmarks instead.

If you want to stop walking, just type STOP.

It's as simple as that!

Pathfinding and Advanced Travel
Syntax:  PATH FIND <destination>
         PATH GO

For more advanced travel, you can specify exactly where you want to walk by 
using PATH FIND. The destination can be one of four things:

   1. A unique room ID. You can find these unique room IDs by typing
      MAP and seeing the room number. (e.g., v2415 is room ID 2415)

   2. A mutual ally's name. A mutual ally is a player that you have allied,
      and who has allied you in return. See HELP ALLIES to learn more.

   3. Your protege or mentor's name. This ability is disabled once the
      protege can become a mentor.

   4. A landmark from DIRS or DIRS GLOBAL.

Once you have plotted out the path with PATH FIND, you can enter PATH GO to 
start walking to that location. As with DIRS, at any time you may enter STOP to 
stop walking.