Denizens & Entities - Midkemia Online Online Help

7.7 Denizens & Entities

Denizens are also referred to, in an OOC manner, as mobiles, NPCs (non-player-characters), or CCCs (computer-controlled-characters). They are the 'monsters' and citizens of Midkemia that aren't generally being played by a person. They are not Adventurers.

A denizen can be a worm, a dragon, a human being, or a talking sword. A denizen may talk to you, ignore you, or attack you. It may even suggest that you do things for it, and may pay you if you do (this is a QUEST). Generally, the way you will get a denizen to talk to you is to GREET it.

An entity is a denizen that is created as the result of skill use, such as an imp or guardian spirit. These entities are generally loyal to the player who summoned them. 

You may, of course, greet the denizen, or simply attack it if you wish. Killing denizens is the most common way to gain experience and gold, though killing loyal denizens may come with consequences.

Some denizens in Midkemia will become loyal to you in certain circumstances. If a denizen is loyal to you, you may give it a variety of commands. These are:

ORDER <denizen> PASSIVE          Pacify an upset denizen.
ORDER <denizen> KILL <player>    Order a denizen to attempt to slay someone.
ORDER <denizen> FOLLOW <player>  Order a denizen to follow someone.
ORDER <denizen> CALM             If your denizen is panicking, this will calm
ORDER <denizen> DROP <whatever>  Order a denizen to drop something it is
ORDER <denizen> MOVE <direction> Order a denizen to move a specified direction

Village Reputation
If a denizen that you attack and kill is loyal to a village or other organization, that will affect your reputation with that group, perhaps even resulting in them considering you an enemy and attacking you on sight.

To see your reputation with these groups, type: