Defenses and Defending - Midkemia Online Online Help

13.5 Defenses and Defending

In order to counter an attack from another player, you must activate a defense. There are five (5) basic types of defenses: parry, dodge, block, jump, and duck. You may also have class-specific abilities that build on these basic defense types with additional effects. Each defense has unique strengths and weaknesses against different attack types, and these determine your chance for successfully blocking the attack.

When you successfully block an attack, the damage from the attack will be dramatically reduced. Additionally, in most cases any afflictions that would have been applied will not be (though there are exceptions). In this way, defending allows you to continue fighting long after you would normally have been incapacitated by an enemy.

Activating a defense uses your defensive equilibrium (the "x" on your prompt). Defensive equilibrium may be used independently of, and simultaneously with, your core balance. This means you can attack and defend at the same time, and indeed you should.

However, fights are not endless in Midkemia. Eventually, even with a perfect defense, you will be overwhelmed by a persistent opponent. Therefore, you must also maintain an offense if you wish to have any hope of success.