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13.2 Defeat

Combat ends when one person has been killed by another. If this unfortunate soul happens to be you, you will find yourself in the Halls of the Dead, where all souls go to be judged by Lims-Kragma, the Drawer of Nets.

When you are in the Hall, you can APPROACH THE THRONE to be judged by Lims-Kragma and, if you are lucky, be reborn into the world.

There is always a period of time that one must wait in contemplation and sober reflection in the Halls before one is able to be reborn. If you try to approach the Throne too soon, you will be informed of how much longer you need to wait. The amount of time is dependent on your level, and whether you were killed by another player (and their level, if so) or a denizen (NPC).

Priests can resurrect those in the Halls of the Dead, so it is often a good idea to befriend one.

Command summary:
APPROACH THE THRONE        - Approach the Throne to be reborn

KILLS                      - See a list of your player kills
DEATHS                     - See a list of your player deaths