Decay - Midkemia Online Online Help

7.4 Decay

Almost everything in Midkemia decays. It wears out. You'll have it for a while,
and then it will cease to exist.

This is the normal way of things in Midkemia.

How Long Do I Have?
If you probe an item, you can usually see how many Midkemian days longer it is
likely to last. This can be multiple hundreds of Midkemian days. Decay
continues whether you are active in the realms or not, with one exception.

Items you are wearing and wielding will stop decaying after you have spent several days logged out, and will still be waiting for you when you return. Items in containers and in your inventory will continue to wear out at the usual rate, with the exception of weapons sheathed into worn scabbards or baldrics, which will also not decay.

What If My Weapons Decayed?
If you are class that relies on a weapon (that is, everyone except for Greater Path Magicians), then you need to purchase a new weapon. If you are poor, you should consider shopping at the shops located at your city's blacksmith forge. These shops carry extremely low quality weapons at dirt-cheap prices that are intended to get you back on your feet until you can afford a regular weapon.

If you are standing in your city, you can enter DIR BLACKSMITH to easily get to this shop (See HELP DIRECTIONS to learn more about walking to landmarks).

What About Corpses?
Corpses also decay, though generally at a very high rate. You cannot generally
tell how long that is, though it is generally measured in terms of fractions of
Midkemian days.

Is There Nothing I Can Do?
As a rule, no. Things just decay. You can customize many items, excluding weapons and armor, at a cost in credits, to no longer decay (see HELP CUSTOMIZATION).