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5.5 Death

It is an unfortunate reality of Midkemia that everybody dies at some stage, as the Drawer of Nets, Lims-Kragma gathers all adventurers to her grasp. But it is nothing to fear or be concerned about. Upon the instant of death when your soul is transported to the Halls of Death, you will find yourself surrounded by the catafalques of the dead while your corporeal body will remain where it fell. In the Halls of the Dead, you will be able to communicate with other spirits as you await your turn to be judged, as all are judged.

When the Goddess of Death is ready, you will be asked to APPROACH THE THRONE for judgment, where She will decide your fate to either be reborn or spend eternity in oblivion. For the purposes of Midkemia where death is never permanent, Lims-Kragma has consented to allow all mortals to be reborn into their former bodies, returning them to a familiar place.

Those bearing children will find their fetus lost during the process of assuming new flesh. Those who wish to prevent this often seek out the Nascera Commune to prevent such unfortunate loss from occurring. See HELP NASCERA for more information.

Not all death is easy however. Depending on what lands the killing blow your time in the Halls of Death may vary, or you may lose a small amount of experience. Generally speaking, if you are slain by a denizen at large you will lose experience, while if you are slain by another player or slain while defending your own city you will lose no experience. 

Some very powerful priests also have the ability to return a player to their former body where it fell, please see HELP RESURRECTION for more information. 

Command summary:
APPROACH THE THRONE        - Approach the Throne to be reborn

Experience Loss & Death
Dying to other players does not result in any experience loss, unless you are raiding an enemy city. Similarly, killing another player does not grant experience unless you are defending your city from an enemy raider. You do lose War Points, however, unless you are dueling (see HELP DUELING and HELP WAR POINTS).

Dying to mobiles does result in experience loss. You lose half the value of the loss upon the initial death, and the other half upon finishing the approaching the throne in the Halls of Death. Therefore, you can mitigate up to half the loss of dying by finding a helpful Priest to resurrect you rather than approaching the throne of the Death Goddess.

Many deaths due to misadventure, such as drowning, also result in experience loss.