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11.8.3 Dala, Shield of the Weak

Dala is the warrior goddess of protection. She is worshiped almost universally
across Midkemia by all races and ethos. She is the personification of strength
and power, a rock in the turbulent chaos of the world. 

The religious orders and churches of Dala are less fractured than many of the
other Gods of Midkemia due predominantly to the simplicity of her realm. She
protects those who cannot protect themselves. Her clergy often run orphanages in large cities, protect refugees from areas of battle and provide wayfarer
stations or shrines in dangerous lands.

Churches, Temples and Shrines to Dala are often filled with orphans and urchins, merchants and travelers, soldiers, farmers and even some thieves who are on the run from the law. Many of these churches are little more than fortified strongholds rather than opulent temples. Most travelers or those who go into danger carry a charm from a Priest of Dala somewhere on their person.

Dala is universally respected as a major deity of Midkemia and is often pictured as a warrior woman with shield and mace or as a kindly matron.

Dala is known as: the Shield of the Weak, Goddess of Passive Strength, the
Protector and the Guardian.