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11.3.4 Cults

Cults are heretical organizations, barely accepted by the majority of Midkemians. However, their devotion to their Deity is absolute, and by demonstrating their dedication, they may earn the right to form a sect.

A newly formed cult starts with a meager 10,000 essence. When a cult accumulates 2,000,000 essence, has written a detailed cult summary outlining their philosophy and beliefs, and has composed descriptions for the design of their future shrines, they can beseech their Deity to grant them the strength and recognition to become a Sect.

However, after a 5 (RL) day grace period, essence is drained every (RL) day, at a rate inversely proportional to the number of members in the cult. Cults do not have access to shrines or blessings, and therefore cannot donate corpses to accumulate essence as Sects do. However, once a cult has three or more members, members that belong to that cult may attempt to convert denizens (see HELP COMMUNION), which is the only way for cult to obtain essence. If a cult runs out of essence, it will be dissolved!

There is also a maximum amount of essence a Cult may gain in a single real-life day: 1,000,000 essence. Ergo, it is important for your Cult to maintain a committed and active congregation, since no Cult can rely exclusively on a single person bringing in large amounts of essence infrequently to survive.

A cult is led by one individual who is the undisputed leader of the Order. He or she cannot be replaced unless he or she chooses to be.

In order to form a new cult, use the following command:

CULT FORM <name> FOR <patron>
   - The name can be only 1 word and no longer than 15 characters. The full
     name of the cult will then be 'The Cult of <name>'.
   - You cannot supply a name that is the same as an already existing player
     or organization.
   - Forming a new cult costs 10 gold, which must be in your inventory.
   - Upon forming the cult, you will automatically be the head of the cult.
   - A player of the priest class must be the one to form the cult.

Once a cult is formed, the leader can induct new members and personalize the cult, and eventually to beseech your Deity for permission to form a sect.

If a cult loses enough members and falls below the minimum threshold of three, it will no longer be able to gain essence. Once the essence pool has been exhausted, the cult will be destroyed and removed from ORDERLIST.