Critical Hits - Midkemia Online Online Help

13.1.5 Critical Hits

Higher experience levels provide the benefit of critical hits when engaged in combat with denizens, critical hits which will come more often as you rise farther. The five levels of critical hit are:

CRITICAL                          : 2x damage
CRUSHING CRITICAL                 : 4x damage
OBLITERATING CRITICAL             : 8x damage
WORLD-SHATTERING CRITICAL         : 32x damage

Everybody, at every level, has a chance of getting a critical hit. The higher the level, the higher the chance of getting a critical hit and the higher the chance of getting harder hits. Critical hit chances grow faster the higher you are in level. To give a couple of examples of critical hit chances: level 50 = 1.6% chance of getting a critical hit; level 65 = 6.4%; level 80 = 16.6%.

You can only score critical hits against denizens and never against other adventurers. There are, however, select abilities that benefit from your critical hit chance when fighting other adventurers (such as a Thief's Shiv or a Magician's Eldritch Barrage) but this bonus usually applies to secondary effects.