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4.18 Credibility, Esteem, and Rolepoints

As you experience Midkemia, you may get a message indicating that your character's credibility has slipped by Divine decree. This results from actions that are considered poor roleplaying. Similarly, you may get a message indicating that your esteem has risen in the eyes of your peers. This indicates that a player has recognized you for your excellent roleplaying and that your credibility has risen (more on that further below).

Credibility is measured in Roleplaying points. We may refer to roleplaying or RP points elsewhere, in which case it is always a reference to credibility.

Using HONORS on a player will show you, among other things, credibility. This information is found directly under ranking, and may say something like, "He is an acceptable character," or, "She is a refreshingly credible character."

Lower credibility makes experience harder to get and easier to lose. When credibility is low enough, you lose the ability to shout. A bit lower, and you lose the ability to use the market channel. Lower still, you will lose newbie channel and finally all other public channels (OT, CT, GT, SCT, etc).

If you lose credibility, regaining it is a matter of simply being consistently in-role and in character and avoiding ooc (out of character). Credibility returns slowly over time. See also HELP INSANITY and HELP ROLEPLAYING.

High credibility grants you significant experience over time, as it slowly returns to the base level of credibility. Thus, being recognized by other players for your roleplaying is one of many methods of earning experience.

Some OOC (out of character) things that might reduce your Credibility
- OOC shouts
- OOC news posts
- OOC use of channels - MARKET, GT/GTS/CT/OT, etc.
- Taking on or granting silly titles.
- Using real world references: if it doesn't exist in Midkemia, it's OOC.
  That means music groups, pop songs, movies, television shows, books,
  authors, companies, political parties, countries, and anything else
  that is meaningful outside Midkemia but not really meaningful inside.
- Acting without regard for the history of your character.
- Any action that unfairly mechanically bypasses roleplay.

You can lose credibility if, in shouts, yells, posts, market, newbie, guild, order, city, society (if not an explicitly ooc society), speech in front of any denizen or in front of any player that doesn't want to go ooc, or any other public channel or venue, you:

- use the word(s) lag or lagbeast (or similar).
- mention a web site.
- mention another mud or other online game.
- mention ISSUES.

There are many more things that will result in loss of credibility. These are just examples, mainly aimed at those too stubborn to listen when we tell them not to go OOC!

You can express your esteem for the roleplaying of other players you encounter in Midkemia, and their credibility will increase as a consequence.

To do so, type:
   EXPRESS ESTEEM FOR <player> <reason, at least 20 characters>

The recipient will be informed of the reason for your esteem, and it is permanently logged for the administration to review as well. You may only express esteem three times per day, or five times at extremely high levels of credibility. Expressing esteem is considered OOC, and your name is not attached to the message, so feel free to express esteem even for those players who are your rivals or enemies.

To see how many more times you may express esteem today, type ESTEEM.

Heightened credibility granted due to earning the esteem of yours peers rewards you with experience each day, as your credibility slowly returns to the normal level of credibility. Therefore, it is in your best interest to always be in-character (IC) when interacting with other players. As well as creating an excellent roleplaying environment for yourself and other players, you will probably earn experience along the way as well!

However, expressing esteem wantonly or for silly reasons will result in your ability to express esteem, and to have esteem expressed for you, removed. Expressing esteem for the same person over and over also has diminishing returns, up to the point where that person will not earn any more credibility from you until some time has passed. Use your esteem to help foster a positive and rich roleplaying environment by rewarding players (even your enemies!) for enriching Midkemia's roleplay!

Examples of great esteems:

"That ritual you put together seemingly on the fly was amazing, your emotes were so detailed, I loved it! Thank you!"

"I've never really considered your race quite like that, thanks for stopping after our pvp-fight to 'trash talk' with me! Can't wait to pwn you again (or get pwned, I'm game!)"

"This was a great introduction to your character, I can't wait for more. You really merged that 'mechanical talk' with RP and explained things so well, thanks!"

Credibility Levels
In decreasing order of credibility, the levels of credibility are:

- an extremely credible character
- a refreshingly credible character
- a credible character (standard level of credibility)
- a fairly credible character
- a weakly credible character
- an acceptable character
- barely an acceptable character
- a weak character
- a very weak character
- a shamefully weak character
- a pathetic character
- an utter waste of time

Reduction in credibility may occur as a punishment for violation of language rules. See HELP LANGUAGERULES.