Crafting Guidelines - Midkemia Online Online Help

7.5 Crafting Guidelines

If you have just learned how to craft, this file will help you to get your items through the Crafter's Guild on the first try.

This helps your bank account, and makes the Crafter's Guild less grumpy as they send it back to you for the twentieth time.

    short_desc         How the item appears on your person or in IH.
    long_desc          How the item appears when dropped.
    extended_desc      How the item appears when probed.

    HELP DESIGN COMMS  A guideline for how many commodities you need. 
                       (See examples below in # 11.)

   1. Please use American English. This means less 'u' and more 'z's than many of you are used to, but if you don't use this written style, your item will be returned to you. The only exception to this rule is the use of 'grey' vs. the American 'gray' due to the Grey Towers. 
   2. Please keep your short_descs short. As a rule, this means stick to 50 characters or less - 52 might pass, 55 probably won't. The short_desc is what people see when they look at you, either in your description, or wielded in your hands.
   3. Don't make your long_descs too long. I know the name suggests you can, but this is what people see when it is on the floor, and if it is too long, it will be rejected for the sanity of anyone who walks into the room you have left your item!
   4. Please make sure that you have your long_desc and extended_desc in the right order. Long_desc is what is seen when it is on the floor, extended is what is seen when you probe the item. The extended_desc can be as long and as detailed as you like.
   5. The item's object type MUST be mentioned in both the long_desc and in the first sentence of the extended_desc. This way, when customers PROBE your item, they will see immediately what sort of thing they are looking at. 
   6. Please do not to use numerical numbers in your description. 12 looks messy, twelve looks fine.
   7. Please do not put writing in your description. By this we mean 'Radakail's sword of awesome' is written along the blade' rather than submitting your item in ASCII. Initials are allowed.
   8. Penis weapons will not be approved.
   9. Single-spacing is a requirement in all designs, not a preference.
   10. Please remember this is a family friendly game. Though we are not the taste police, and will often allow things that are ugly or just plain horrible through, we are the decency police. Underwear requires a crotch, bras should not be peepholes, pants require an ass. If your description is bordering on soft core porn, it will be rejected. And you will make the Crafter's Guild blush.
   11. Steps are meant to be a full sentence this means they need a full stop at the end and to start with a capital letter.
   12. Commodities (comms) are important. For tailoring, if the item is classed as high fashion, making it out of cloth will be rejected. A gown uses fewer comms than a dress, but they should be of a better quality. Silk, rather than cloth.

      For weaponry, the item needs to be at least 50% metal. Gems and wood should be used sparingly, they are likely to just be there as decoration, coatings, hilts etc, and thus the amount you use should reflect this. 
      Spears are an exception to this, as the shaft makes up most of the weapon, meaning it can be 50%+ wood, as well as blunt weapons such as clubs and warhammers which can be made of mostly marble, wood, and other non-metal items when it is logical to the design. The gnomes in the Crafting Guild Crafting Union (C.G.C.U.) reserve the right to request designers adjust their ingredients in these cases to suit the needs of logic and weapon effectiveness.

      Shields need to be mostly wood. 

      Instruments can be made from any commodity. 

   12. We allow items to be slightly fantastical, but they must be actually possible to make in a mundane fashion. Having clothing that defies gravity is not possible, having weapons that glow is not allowed. You are sewing and forging items, you are not making magical items. Swords cannot growl, hammers cannot sneer, clothing cannot make the wearer sneakier, or better able to hide in shadows.
   13. We will not approve the penis hammer.