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7.1 Crafting

Crafting is the process of designing and creating custom armor, clothing, decor, beverages and weapons. Several trade skills allow access to crafting: Smithing, Tailoring, Artistry, Brewing, and Jewelcrafting. 

Please check out HELP SMITHING, HELP TAILORING, HELP ARTISTRY, HELP BREWING, and HELP JEWELCRAFTING for more specifics on each skill.

Crafter's Guild
All licensed Crafters are members of the Crafter's Guild, which is headquartered in Hawk's Hollow. Everyone who joins the Crafter's Guild starts out as an Apprentice.

Guildless Crafters are almost unheard-of in Midkemia, due to the stranglehold that the Guilds have on their trades. Indeed, anyone who tries to pursue such a life is immediately driven out of business due to the monopolistic and cartel-like practices of the Crafters.

Design Books
All licensed Crafters have access to a personal design book, which stores records of all public designs, as well as space for their own private designs. A design book can be lost or stolen, so the owner must be especially careful.

If it is lost or stolen, the owner must go to the Crafter's Guild and:

Private Vs. Public Designs
Some designs are private, meaning that only those with the design in their design book can craft the design. Some designs are public, meaning anyone with the appropriate skill can craft them. The decision as to whether a design is public or private is made by the designer when they are creating the new design, and is irreversible and permanent.

Your design book can store an unlimited number of private designs, but you will have to pay 2 silver in upkeep per Midkemian year for each private design in your design book. If you do not pay your upkeep for 3 consecutive years, the design will be lost and may become public if it is not privately owned by any other crafters (see also HELP BANKS).

There is no limit on the number of public designs you can create and store, and there is no upkeep charged for any public designs.

Sealing Private Designs
You may seal up to 50 private designs, making them permanently exempt from yearly upkeep dues. You may also unseal them at any time, allowing you to customize which designs you wish to keep permanently private.

Crafting Commands
CRAFT                               - Base command
CRAFT <#>                           - Begin crafting the item

CRAFT SHOW <#>                      - View a design
CRAFT LIST <tradeskill> <ability>   - See all the available designs
CRAFT LIST DESIGNBOOK               - See your private designs

CRAFT SHARE <#> <person>            - Share a private design with a friend

CRAFT SEAL <#>                      - Seal a private design
CRAFT UNSEAL <#>                    - Unseal a sealed private design

CRAFT DISOWN <#>                    - Permanently discard a private design,
                                      after which it may become public if
                                      no other crafters own private rights
                                      to it.

CRAFT RESET <#>                    - Reset an approved design for amendments.
                                     NOTE: A public design CAN NOT be made
Designing a New Craft
For detailed commands and rules for designing a new craft, see HELP DESIGNING.