Control Points - Midkemia Online Online Help

13.8 Control Points

Some areas can be captured and controlled, granting bonuses to the controlling city that are specific to that area, as well as tithing commodities to the controlling city if that area has a commodity shop.

              WAR            - Shows the current status of control points
              HELP <area>    - Shows the same

An area can be captured by means of control points, which are clearly marked in the room descriptions and also appear on the map as a red asterisk (*). To capture the area for your city, simply stand in the same room as the control point. The city with the highest number of players standing on the control point will periodically accumulate points towards their control score. A city captures the area when they reach 100%.

To see the current capture status, see HELP <area>, such as HELP CALDARA, or WAR to see the status of all areas. There are usually several control points in an area, and each can contribute points independently towards the capture status.

Certain players do not count towards the number of players in a control point's room. This includes: players protected by divine grace, players that are dead, players who are not on the ground elevation, and players that are deepshrouded.

To learn the bonuses granted by controlling a village or other strategic area, see the help file for that village.