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7.6 Consider

What you can learn about denizens:

When you encounter a denizen, you can likely see what they look like, their weight, a general sense of their strength and very little else. A good first step is to always PROBE the denizens you encounter in order to learn what you can about them. 

As you seek ways to gain strength and levels within Midkemia, you will likely seek out denizens that you can kill in order to gain experience. One way to make an educated guess about which denizens are appropriate for you to attack, is to CONSIDER the denizen to discover their general strength. (This also works on fellow adventurers!)


CONSIDER <denizen>  -   This will give a general idea of how powerful the denizen is. Keep in mind, that this does not compare the denizen to your own strength, it's an absolute scale. For example, a salamander might be "a humble-looking creature", but as a young adventurer you might be "weak and feeble". You must first gauge your own strength and then gradually work yourself up the scale as you gain strength.

CONSIDER <adventurer> -  This will compare your might to that of another adventurer. This is also not a measure of exact strength, but rather a measure of how many lessons you have invested into your various skills.

Denizen levels of strength:

When you consider a denizen, you will likely see one of the following in order from strongest to weakest:

almost glows with nearly god-like power.
does not even register your presence as a threat.
exudes an aura of overwhelming power.
has an air of extreme strength.
looks to be crushingly strong.
appears to be extraordinarily strong.
is quite powerful.
is not one to be trifled with.
seems strong and confident.
exudes a quiet confidence.
seems to be unafraid.
appears to lack strength.
does not look particularly dangerous.
is a humble-looking creature.
looks relatively helpless.
looks weak and feeble.