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6.15 Commodities and Commodity Shops

(See also: HELP SHOPS)

Iron, silver, metal, coal, cloth, wood, and the like. They may be found in commodities shops. These shops may buy or sell, unlike most other types of shops which only sell.

Commodities Shops
Commodity shops are special shops, run by and located in the places that produce commodities (also known as comms). Comms are raw materials. These village shops each produce one or more commodities. No village produces all commodities, and prices vary from village to village according to demand.

If a particular commodity in a particular shop is sold out, the price will likely get raised when it is restocked. Similarly, if there is a large surplus, the price will likely get lowered. This creates the possibility of stocking up when prices are low, and then selling them via your own shop when prices have gone up.

You will find these shops in many major towns and villages.

Commodity Properties
Commodities have a number of properties that are shared with "similar" sets of commodities. These properties have an affect on the quality of the item. If a commodity is used that does not have one of these properties, it does nothing to
increase the overall quality of the item.

Metal-like commodities (steel, iron, platinum, gold and silver) share the following properties:
- Malleability (affects Speed and Armor)
- Toughness (affects Precision and Dampening)
- Tensile Strength (affects Damage)

Stone or wood-like commodities (wood, and marble) share the following properties:
- Elasticity (affects Speed and Armor)
- Workability (affects Precision and Dampening)
- Hardness (affects Damage)

Cloth-like commodities (cloth, silk, fur, leather, and rope) share the following properties:
- Durability (affects Speed and Armor)
- Softness (affects Precision and Dampening)
- Pliability (affects Damage)

You can SEARCH your Vault to examine the commodities you have stored, and search for commodities meeting specific quality requirements, making it easy to find the commodities that meet your needs for without manually going through all of them.

As an example, if you wanted to find your steel with malleability at or below 42, you could:
   SEARCH VAULT FOR COMM steel WITH malleability <= 42

After finding commodities that match your requirements, you can VOUT COMM <#> to remove that specific commodity from your Vault, allowing you to easily tailor your crafting to meet specific requirements for quality or any other desired properties.