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7.9 Clothing

Clothing is a way to add to your character's personal style and appearance, and even gain additional protection. To put on an article of clothing you've newly acquired, simply WEAR <item>.


When you no longer wish to wield your weapons or shield, you may use scabbards or baldrics to sheathe them. Just SHEATHE <weapon or shield> in <scabbard|baldric> to store them securely.

When you wish to later retrieve your weapons, DRAW FROM <scabbard or baldric> <left|right> to remove and wield them at once.


Where it makes sense, clothing can be layered under or over other articles of clothing.

The following list covers how many articles of jewelry or clothing can be layered on each body part:

NECKLACE            3
FINGERS            10
TOES               10
TORSO               3
LEGS                2

Backpacks have their own slot, and you can wear two quivers, two baldrics, or one of each. Your belt may hold two items: two pouches, two scabbards, or one of each.

Some items, such as dresses and robes, will cover more than one part of your body. These will typically cover one's entire body, which, slot-wise, is comprised of the chest and legs.


Clothing and accessory items such as bags and jewelry are often given levels of prestige to denote whether they are utter travesties or quite the height of fashion. You can see your current appearance by looking at your STATUS, or if you are a Tailor who has the new skill, you can critique another player's appearance.

There are twelve levels of fashion-prestige, ranging from 0 (like a naked fool) to (like royalty). Most items are somewhere between 6 (nondescript) and 8 (well-to-do). 

Your appearance is not only determined by the items you are wearing (currently they all have the same value, but we will adjust these over time to better reflect how they should really look), but by how much you are wearing as well. If you are running around half-naked, you will not look very fashionable.

In addition, armor does not count towards being dressed at all, so you may wish to invest in some tailored clothing if you do not want to run around looking like a fool.

When crafting, tailors will send in their designs to the Crafting Guild Crafting Union to look over. There, a level of prestige will be assigned to them depending on the items used to craft them and the overall design of the craft.