Classes of Midkemia - Midkemia Online Online Help

8 Classes of Midkemia

8.1    Class System        Summary of Midkemia's system of classes.

8.2    Changing Class      About changing your class.
8.2.1  Memories            Storing and retrieve memories (multiclassing).

8.3    Specializations     Specialize to learn advanced skills.

8.4    Magician            Masters of magic and the arcane.
8.4.1  Warlock             The Warlock specialization.
8.4.2  Psion               The Psion specialization.

8.5    Priest              Servants of the Gods, wielding holy power.
8.5.1  Hematurgist         The Hematurgist specialization.
8.5.2  Pyromaniac          The Pyromaniac specialization.
8.5.3  Shadoweaver         The Shadoweaver specialization.
8.5.4  Thanatologist       The Thanatologist specialization.
8.5.5  Crusader            The Crusader specialization.
8.5.6  Missionary          The Missionary specialization.

8.6    Soldier             Trained veterans of war and martial conflict.
8.6.1  Berserker           The Berserker specialization.
8.6.2  Swordmaster         The Swordmaster specialization.
8.6.3  Warmonger           The Warmonger specialization.

8.7    Rogue               Stalkers of shadows and deadly assassins.
8.7.1  Bard                The Bard specialization.
8.7.2  Thief               The Thief specialization.