Channels - Midkemia Online Online Help

3.7 Channels

A channel is way to communicate with a group.

For all channels except _SOME_ clan channels, HELP LANGUAGERULES apply.

The first channel for most is NEWBIE. Just type NEWBIE <message> and everyone 
listening to the newbie channel will see the message. 

Name        Command  For whom?
----        -------  ---------
City        - CT (*) - citizens of a city (see HELP CITYCOMMANDS)
Nation      - NT     - citizens of a nation
Society     - SCT    - society members (see HELP SOCIETY COMMANDS)
Guild/Clan  - GT     - general guild/clan membership
              GTS    - for higher members of the guild/clan
Market      - MARKET - buying and selling, for level 11+
Newbie      - NEWBIE - levels 1-20, and others helping them
Order       - OT     - members of your ORDER (HELP DIVINE ORDERS)
Shout       - SHOUT  - levels 20+, worldwide
Yell        - YELL   - anybody, to all in same local area

(*) you may also use the city name in the place of CT.

To turn off channels
To turn almost any channels off, put OFF after its name.
For example, NEWBIEOFF, CTOFF, etc.

To turn on channels
To turn most channels on, put ON after its name.

Type CONFIG COLOR to control how messages appear to you.

Staying IN CHARACTER, and Other Restrictions
Always stay in character (IC) on channels - you are playing the role of a person in a magical world called Midkemia. Talk about real life, other muds, or your favorite singer - this should all be done outside the game or, if you must, use TELLS. 

Be most careful with shouts - stay in character, watch language rules. 

Newbie channel is for questions and answers about how to play the game: no  
chatting please. Newbie channel is not IC, many questions are far easier to answer without the dictates of doing so in character. However, please do not discuss topics that are not questions or clog up the channel.

Most Society channels will make up their own rules as to whether they are IC or OOC (out-of-character). 

All channels are subject to HELP LANGUAGERULES, except clan channels.

One big thing not to use channels for: Quests
Quests are special tasks or puzzles in Midkemia. When you GREET the characters 
in the game, they may have a quest for you.  We expect everyone to solve their 
own quests. Please, do not discuss quests at all. Solve them on your own: it's 
more fun that way!

An exception is made for a few of the introductory and newbie quests. While our 
newest adventurers are getting to know their ways around Midkemia, we tolerate 
some discussion of the quests listed in HELP NEWBIE QUESTS. We prefer that 
people find their own answers, but if they need a little help understanding how 
we do things, that's OK with us, and that's why we provide HELP NEWBIE QUESTS!

Channel Tell History
For org-specific channels, you can do HISTORY <org> to see the last 10 comments 
made over the org channel. For secret organizations, you must have enough 
authority in the org to use this command.