Bugs, Ideas, and Typos - Midkemia Online Online Help

19.5 Bugs, Ideas, and Typos

There will be times when you want to speak to the administration to:
- report a bug (an error in the game),  (command: BUG)
- report a typo in the game,            (command: TYPO, TYPOHERE)
- to ask a specific question,           (command: ISSUE)
- to submit an idea,                    (visit the forums)

The command is BUG <your bug report here>. Please give as much detail as
possible. Tell us when, and how it happened. Tell us what happened before. Tell
us if anything changed recently. The more detail you give, the better chance we
have of finding and fixing your problem. Make sure that you report exactly and
ONLY one bug each time you use this command.

   BUG                     - file a bug report
   BUGS/BUGCOMMANDS        - show this summary of bug commands.
   BUGAPPEND               - add further notes to the end of a bug.
   DELBUG <bug>            - delete a bug of yours from your list.
   SHOWBUG                 - look at the details of a single bug.

Bug Don't
- Try to avoid 'um' and 'er' and 'I don't know if this is a bug but' -
  they don't help any, and we've already got so much to read. Have mercy!
- Don't just quote something without comment , like "THe blarg walks in."
  Tell us that the "H" shouldn't be capitalised, or that there is no such
  thing as a blarg, or whatever you think the problem is.
- Don't tell us to fix it ASAP, or whatever. We promise we'll get to it
  as fast as we can, taking into account all the bugs already reported.
- Don't tell us that something doesn't make sense, or isn't logical, or
  is a bug. We know that you think that. You're reporting a bug, right?
- Don't re-bug something we have determined is not a bug, even if you
  disagree with us. If you think it's a balance issue, you can read
  HELP SKILL BALANCE to learn more about how to contribute feedback.

Bug Do
- Give lots of detail, if relevant.
- Stick to the facts. Tell us what you know, not how you feel about it.
- If there is a specific place where this bug happened, go there when
  you issue the bug command.
- If the bug didn't happen just a few moments before you are reporting
  it, then tell us when it was. We use GMT.

Client Bugs
For HTML5 client bugs (the main game client located at http://client.midkemiaonline.com), please use the feedback tab located in settings instead of submitting a bug report.

The command is TYPO (or TYPOHERE) <the typo you have seen>. This can be
anything where there is a misspelling or misused word. We really do want to hear
about this sort of thing, so don't be shy! If the error is in a room name or
title or something else about a room, use TYPOHERE <typo> or even TYPO HERE
<typo> (both will work). That way, the typo report will include something about
where you were when you submitted the typo report.

Try contacting other city members, friends, or fellow order members. If you
don't know how to do this, or don't have any of those, try using ISSUE ME. See
HELP ISSUES for more details.

To submit an idea, visit the forums: http://forums.midkemiaonline.com/

Submit your idea, in as great a detail as you wish, and then wait. Who knows? You may see your idea affect the game. Many have.

(See also HELP ISSUES)