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4.8 Bloodlines

Bloodlines record the formal blood bonds between individuals. In the case of two spouses, this is marriage (see HELP MARRIAGE). However, your bloodline more commonly refers to one's parents, children, grandparents, et cetera.

Registering Children and Parents
To register a child, travel to the Bloodline Registry in Crydee or in Wyke, and simply BLOODLINE RECORD <who> AS CHILD. The child must be with you, and must agree to the formal recognition.

In Midkemia, a child can have one or two parents, and they can be of either sex (it is irrelevant). However, the parent must be at least 13 years older than the child, and the child must have accumulated at least 5 real-life hours of playing time in Midkemia. There is a fee of 1 gold sovereign to recognize a child.

Viewing Bloodlines
You can BLOODLINE SHOW to view your own bloodline, or BLOODLINE SHOW <who> to view the bloodline of someone else, up to 3 generations in either direction.